December Kauai Update

Aloha Fishing friends and fellow Trout Unlimited Chapter #403

The Mayor of Kauai has “Opted Out” of Hawaii’s quarantine rules for inter island travel effective Dec. 2nd, 2020.  This mean anyone, yes anyone traveling to Kauai must quarantine for 14 days.  It does not matter if you have a negative virus test. 

It gets a bit more complicated if you are traveling from the mainland and you land on Oahu first.  Then you must comply with the State’s quarantine rule (providing a negative test from an approved provider), then deal with Kauai’s special provision as mentioned above.

My plans to be up at the Kokee cabin from Dec. 15th, through the 22nd, have been cancelled!  Our restoration project of the Kokee stream is once again on hold.

I have tentatively rescheduled a Kauai trip for January 15th through the 25th 2021, pending the quarantine restrictions are lifted and all you need is a negative virus test.  My fingers are crossed and hopefully we will be a GO!!!

I’ll keep you posted and be safe!

Waikahe Olu Trout UnlimitedDeane

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