New Zealand End of the Year Update #2

Hi Deane;

Yes it sounds like a “Grinch Christmas” for you and your friends.

So the latest news in NZ.

Just today the government have imposed new controls to delay/prevent the spread of Omicron virus into New Zealand.

  1. Children ages 5-11 years can get a child dose of the Phfser vaccine from 17 January 2022.  It seems nearly 25% of those with the Delta virus are under 11 years old.
  2. Booster shots are now asked for all – the time after the two Phfsr vaccine has been reduced from six months to four months, so I’ll be eligible soon.  Not sure date this is from yet..looks like in the New Year!   Just like two shots were good against the Delta virus they seem only 35% effective without the booster shot for the Omicron virus – This booster raises effectiveness to a mere 74% against the Omicron virus.
  3. Delaying the start of non-MIQ international travel from January 17 to the end of February.
  4. Pre-departure test requirement to enter New Zealand reduced from 72 hours to 48 hours prior to travel
  5. All incoming travellers will have Managed Isolation Quarantine (MIQ) from seven days to 10 days.
  6. There will be NO self-isolation for anyone coming into the country.

So this contact in New Zealand gets away fishing for about 3-4 days each 3-4 weeks costing with prepared food, accommodation and liquid about $100 for fishing day. While living in the Capital Wellington (population about 420,000) life was tough, as after a day in the office, I was 15 minutes from a surf casting beach, 20 minutes from a trout stream with more trout per km than the Tongariro River and about 45 minutes away from where I could hunt red deer, in comfort. (Now I live about one hour’s drive north of Wellington). Most fishing is about 3-4 hours’ drive each way, so we stay four nights, fish for three days.

My mission for 2022 is to find new trout spots for anyone who may enjoy fishing mid-week for my local Fly Fishing Club.  Also to learn to take better videos of my fishing trips and add these onto my fishing website.

There may be interested persons who seek some information about NZ, and while you may know much of this, I thought having it in an email may give a good reference tool. My gift to you and your members is that I am prepared to pass on any more information that they may seek before they come to this wonderful country. I would also like to hear of other fly fishers experiences as I am seeking a collection of You Tube videos for our club’s meetings. We have a limit on numbers at such meetings under COVID regulations, but I foresee having YouTube links in our monthly magazine wellingtonflyfisher

Have a pleasant Christmas – all I know for sure is that as always I will put on some weight and my first fishing trip in January will be hard to get rid of that excess Christmas food.

Keep well Keep safe; Keep fishing!!

Maurice Broome

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