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Aloha Trout Unlimited Members.

This will be my last blog post for the year and we have a lot to report.

I was on Kauai for 10 days up at the Kokee cabin, from December 3rd through the 13th.  It rained for my first 5 day and yes, it was the same “event” you had on Oahu. Also, the phone and electrical service was “out” and electricity was restored after 3 days, while the phone service still remains “dark”.   

I was “trapped” in the cabin as there was flooding everywhere and tree limbs down on the Camp Ten Road. Needless to say, I got a lot of reading done and got caught up on my sleep. My last 4 days on Kauai had sunny periods but the streams had flood conditions and the forest was soaked.

I was able to get some work done inside the cabin but most of my work schedule – hiking and fishing plans went out the window. So I’ll continue with my plans on my next trip back to Kokee, which is planned for January 21st through the 31st.  Please make a note of it should you want to come over to Kauai and spend time at the cabin.

Interesting news, one of our Trout Unlimited members on Kauai, Dave Limpert, has been exploring the lower section of the Kauaikinana Stream, right below the “Oh My God” spot. He has been able to drop “BELOW” the 3rd waterfall. He has to be “half goat” to do it but he has dropped down further than anyone in our chapter ever has. This is unexplored territory, NO one has ever fished for trout this far down in Poomau Canyon. Dave found Wild Rainbows in every pool, and yes they were BIG ones. Dave has called this area “the Pit” as it sure looks like it from his photos (see photos below).  You have to have the right dry conditions to even try this. Dave found some some goat trails and was able to follow them to get down this far.

This is the area where the Kawaikoi and the Waiakoali stream flow into the Kauaikinana Stream, a section I have never been to. I have never penetrated that far down into Poomau Canyon. Dave has been exploring and documenting a section of the Kauaikinana stream never done before. I’ll keep you informed on his progress and you can see some of his photos (see below).  Now some of you have hiked the Ditch Man Trail and been to the outlook we call the “Oh My God” spot. From this high vantage point, you can see the Kawaikoi and the Waiakoali water falls. Dave has explored and fished that area in the canyon…Unbelievable!

As previously posted, Tim Cashdollar has resigned his presidency of our Trout Unlimited Chapter. Again, on behalf of our members, I want to express our warmest aloha to Tim. Your time, effort, and dedication to our chapter will be surely missed. Best wishes to you in your future endeavors.

So, we need to choose a new chapter president to head up our organization. I as your Treasurer cannot hold two positions. Right now, I’m financially keeping this chapter “in the black” and our “IT” guy Stu, is working with our website to keep it up and running. He also helps to keep it up to date and post messages and pictures.

I plan to have a “Zoom” on-line meeting on Sunday January 16th at 4 pm. Stu will assist in setting this up and we will send you a link to all of our chapter members who have provided us with your email address. If your email address has changed\updated, please email me to update your records Deane’s Email. We can address the necessity of choosing a new chapter member as president at that time. Watch your email for the zoom meeting notice. I’ll hope to see you “On-Line”, on Sunday January 16th, at 4 pm.


Waikahe Olu Trout UnlimitedDeane Gonzalez – Treasurer Trout Unlimited chapter # 403

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