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Aloha Trout Unlimited members of the Waikahe’olu Hawaii Chapter.

I am back from the last trip to Kauai from March 22nd – 30th. I can report we had perfect weather. The trails were dry, dirt roads passable, and the streams running clear, normal, and full of trout.

I took the time to hike the Pu’u ka Ohlo (Water Tank Trail) and the Berry Flat Trail and enjoyed the beautiful sun light showing through the Sugi pines.

I also hiked down to the Pu’u Lau Reservoir by the falls. The water level is right up to the level of the forest and it honestly looks like a beautiful lake! The trout were jumping everywhere so for you folks who want to fish the Reservoir the opening of trout season starts in April, go for it.

I did hike (or should I say, cut trail) up stream to the first big pool @ Kauaikenana Stream. The trail we cut 16 months ago was GONE, totally over grown, so it took a little elbow grease along with my machete work to re-open it. Once up @ the stream the water was crystal clear with some of the best visibility I have ever seen.  I could look down and see the bottom of the pool, 6 feet deep.

I counted 18 to 20 Wild Rainbow trout in that one pool alone!!  The stream “pocket water” looked great with the male wild Rainbow trout in full breeding color, the water temperature was 58 degrees. The trout looked active and responded to the ground up cheese cracker I threw in the pool, in other words, it was a perfect day!!

That area of the upper Kauaikenana is full of BIG native Hawaiian ferns and the walls of the canyon the stream runs through are covered with native Ulule ferns. The only invasive I found were Guava and some ginger. Hopefully when the virus thing is in our past, we could assemble a team and remove them. Let’s hope it is with in my life time!!

Overall it was a great trip. I’ll be going back June 4th – 14th to stay at the Rice Cabin, our Trout Unlimited Headquarter in Kokee. If you are interested in joining me, my contact email is dgonz18496@aol.com . Oh, by the way, it got down to 42 degrees several nights, I was sleeping in long underwear and one big blanket.  We had clear skies, and in the evening, you could see the Milky Way and the thousands of stars. Sky TV, what could be better than that, a good bourbon and a cigar…I was home.

Waikahe Olu Trout UnlimitedDeane Gonzalez, Treasurer TU chapter # 403

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