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Welcome everyone, you have found your way to the
Waikahe 'Olu Trout Unlimited Chapter #403 Adventure Videos.

Our group travels all over the USA and New Zealand to fish for Trout and these videos will show you some of our adventures. Enjoy!


Kokee Stream Restoration Project Nov 2019

This November 2019 video shows our last efforts at the Kokee Stream Restoration Project before the Pandemic shut down our efforts. You can see the Kokee Stream as we worked to open it up and the hard "hands-on" work we have done.

Deane Gonzalez Treasurer, Trout Unlimited chapter #403


Kawaikoi Stream Project Oct. 2021

In October of 2021, Dave Lampert and I hiked the Pihea and Kawaikoi stream trails. Our objective was to check the streams for any Rainbow Trout still existing in the more inaccessible sections of the streams. Our hope was to find any holdovers that had created a breeding population in the upper headwaters where the water is cooler and has more oxygen. What we found was the trails were totally over grown from non-use due to the pandemic, even the local pig hunters had gone through there. We cleared the trails using machetes, and we were able to access the stream sections we wanted and fished the pools. Unfortunately, NO trout! This was very disappointing and now the only way we are going to get trout back into the Kawaikoi Stream is if we restock it and that will only happen if the State Dept. of Land and Natural Resources permits it by giving us brood stock from their trout hatchery on Oahu. Watch the video and see our expedition.

Deane Gonzalez, Treasurer Trout Unlimited Chapter #403


Kokee Stream - Black Pipe, Kauai Oct. 2021

This short video shows the Kokee Stream restoration project on the island of Kauai.
We had not been back for 18 months due to the Pandemic. We finally got back to Kauai in Oct. 2021. We Got down to the Kokee Stream to see how much the ginger and other invasive plants had grown back in our absence. We also also hiked the trail along the ditch system to the Black Pipe.

Deane Gonzalez, Treasurer Trout Unlimited Chapter #403 Hawaii


Pu' u Lau Reservoir, Kauai 2021

The Pu'u Lau Reservoir is a manmade body of water located in Kokee, Kauai. It is stocked every year with Rainbow trout brought from the mainland. It is “catch and keep” fishing.
It is located off a dirt road at the 12 mile marker on Highway 550. It is accessible via 4WD or walking in from Highway 550. Watch the video for additional information.
Enjoy the video!

Operation Damselfly Trout Unlimited 1999

This video represents a 2 years scientific study done by the Bishop Museum and the Hawaii Trout Unlimited chapter. It was the first ever done and was called the "Kokee Trout Study" .
It was done to determine if the INTRODUCED species of Rainbow Trout were impacting the native endemic damselfly Megalagrion species.

Ray's Kokee trip June 2021

Ray Arguello, a Trout Unlimited member from Idaho was spending time in Hawaii and contacted me inquiring about the Wild Hawaiian Rainbow Trout we have in Hawaii.

I invited him to join me on Kauai, stay at our cabin in Kokee and see for himself what it was really like to fish for Wild Rainbow Trout on Kauai. This is his story.

Fishing New Zealand 2020

Every February members of our Hawaii Trout Unlimited Chapter #403 travel to New Zealand, on the North Island. We rent a house in Turangi, near the town of Taupo. From this location we fish the lakes and "Back country" streams for big Rainbow and Brown Trout. New Zealand is a trout fisherman's paradise as you will see on this video. Enjoy.

Fishing Waialae Stream Kauai 2019

Our latest adventure with a fly-in by "Chopper" to the Waialae Cabin on Kauai where we remove invasive plants, explore new valleys and do a Wild Rainbow Trout population study on the Waialae Stream, the most remote Wild Trout stream on the island of Kauai.

Hiking Ditch Man Trail Kauai 2019

In this video adventure I show you how to get to the Ditch man trail on Kauai, what it looks like, where to access the trail head, and how we drop down the mountain to fish for Wild Hawaiian Rainbow Trout in the Kauaikenana Stream. Wild and beautiful jungle environment few anglers ever get "off the grid" to explore. I have been exploring this canyon for over 50 years, I'll show you on this video how it is done.

Fishing For Bone Fish (O'io), Kauai 2018

Nigel Warrick a fishing buddy of mine and I go to Anini Beach on the East side of Kauai. Nigel is a Bone fishing guide www.flyfishkauai.com and we try our luck out on the reef. Nigel does the fishing and I do the video work. Nigel lands a nice Kauai bone fish - check it out.

Fishing for Wild Hawaiian Rainbow Trout, Kauaikenana Stream Kauai 2018

Arlen Melane, one of our Trout Unlimited Hawaii chapter members returns from the mainland to fish the Kauaikenana Stream on Kauai. We have to descend down a mountain side to reach the floor of a canyon to fish this stream. Here is one of the few places in Hawaii where you can find this wild Hawaiian Rainbow trout. Introduced to Kauai in 1920, few anglers know where to find this rare and beautiful fresh water fish.

Fishing Waialae Stream, Kauai 2018

Every year our trout Unlimited goes back to Kauai to do a "Fly-In" to the Waialae stream located in the center of the island of Kauai. It is totally inaccessible by car, only way in is by helicopter.

Our Trout Unlimited chapter teamed up with Katty Cassel who runs the Kokee Resource Conservation Project to remove invasive plants and to assist with a trout population study of the Waialae stream.

This video will give you a wild ride and take you back to portions of the island of Kauai few people ever see.


Waialae 5 July 2016

In July 2016, our Honolulu Chapter of Trout Unlimited# 403 teams up with the Kokee Resource Conservation Program to chopper back to the Waialae Cabin deep in the Alakai Swamp area on the island of Kauai. On this trip we have the Dr. Steve Montgomery, Hawaii's best known entomologist (bug guy) who will be collecting Hawaiian Native and introduced insects.

We help Dr. Montgomery discover for the first time, part of the life cycle of the Stag Horn Beetle, and do our population study for Wild Rainbow Trout in the Waialae Stream.

This video is educational, entertaining, and really funny. If your into Trout and bugs, this is for you.

Hidden Falls, Kauai 2016

Our Hawaii Trout Unlimited group drops down the cliffs into the Wailua River on Kauai and fish for Small Mouth Bass. We work our way down stream to find a 80 foot water fall located in a hidden valley. Beautiful and breathtaking scenery.

Fishing Montana 2016

Our Trout Unlimited group traveled to Montana to fish the Big Horn river and streams in Yellow Stone National Park.

We played "Tourist" when we were not fishing and this video shares with you our adventures, watch out for the Buffalo, they were all over the place.

Fishing for Small Mouth Bass & Wild Rainbow Trout, Kauai 2015

Deane and friends fishes the upper Wailua River on Kauai for Small Mouth Bass in an area we have to cut trail to get to.

Nobody had been back there in years and then they fish a section of the Kauaikenana Stream for Wild Rainbow Trout. Great bass and trout action filmed in areas that are off the grid and tourists rarely ever get to.

Hawaii Trout Unlimited Fishes Pine Creek, PA and Salmon River, NY 2015

In this adventure I take a group of Hawaii Trout Unlimited members back to the East Coast to fish Pine Creek in Pennsylvania. We stay with friends who own a log cabin in the woods, Donna gets on an ATV for the first time in her life! We then drive to Pulaski, New York to fish the Salmon River for Atlantic Salmon. We do a "float" trip down the Salmon river and catch some 25 lb. Atlantic Wild Salmon as they come up the river from the Great Lakes. Hawaiians on the East Coast - now that is something to see.

Salmon Fishing Pulaski, NY 2013

We traveled to Pulaski, New York to fish the Salmon River.

Every year these Salmon migrate up from the great lakes to spawn in the Salmon River. Fall is the best time to catch this run. The trees are turning, weather is decent, not to cold for us Hawaiians, and if you catch the "run" just right - the action never stops.

I was invited to try my hand at this fishing by Fred Hollar, the President of the Upper Pine Creek Sportsman Association and a long time friend.

Enjoy this video, lots of leaping Salmon action.

Alaska Salmon Fishing, 2012

Donna, Fred and Jennet Hollar, and I head to Alaska to try to catch the King Salmon run. We fish the Kenai river and other locations, see some bears, watch the beavers and catch a few Salmon in the process.

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