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Aloha Trout Unlimited members –

The annual financial activity report for FY2022 has been filed with TU national chapter, this has to be done every year by every TU chapter in the nation to keep our creditability and our chapter in the “ACTIVE” file with national. That’s the treasurer’s job, and that me.

I was back on Kauai, in our cabin in Kokee from March 11 – 21st. We had perfect weather, sunny and clear every day! Dr. Jim DiMarchi from Oahu and Jeremiah Felsen from Kauai also joined me.

We checked the wild trout population of Kauaikinana stream. Everything looked great, the water temperature was 60 degrees, stream flow was normal and the water was the clearest I have seen in a long time. This had to be from the lack of rain in the Kokee area for the previous 2 weeks. Even the iconic Waipoo falls was hardly flowing over the canyon rim. 

Tourists were flocking to all the lookouts and parked all over the place. Thank goodness none of that insanity gets back to the cabin (we are too remote and on a dirt road you could not take a rental car on).

We spent a day in an area we call “Long Run,” which is a dirt trail through the forest alongside one of the ditch systems near the PuPu’u Lau Reservoir. I had seen some 15 – 18 feet tall Australian Tree ferns there 6 weeks ago, so I removed them from the forest, along with some I found near the Kokee/Halemanu trail the next day. You have to hack these trees down with a machete down to the main root stem to prevent them from growing again. If you heard “T-I-M-B-E-R” in the forest, it was me. Just be sure you are not underneath them when they fall. 

We also explored a new section of the rim of Kalalau valley. It was beautiful, fog rolled up from the valley floor and turned it into a magical fairy land you have to experience to believe it. 15 minutes later, the fog clears to expose the valley in all of its glory. We ran into several wild mountain goats during my exploring, we got to within 15 yards of them and got some great video and photos. I will take any visitors to this location, NOT on any map, so you can experience this magnificent view. There is NOBODY around because nobody knows of this spot.  Just one of several I have discovered in my exploring the Kokee area.

In the evening, it got down to 41 degrees at night at the cabin, but a good Bourbon and cigar plus the fire place kept the chill off. It don’t get any better than that.

I will be posting in the near future, possible dates that I plan to be on Kauai, so if you are interested, you can contact me and plan ahead. 

Till next time…

Waikahe Olu Trout UnlimitedDeane Gonzalez – Treasurer, Trout Unlimited chapter # 403

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