Chapter Meeting

Events and Meets

Waikahe ‘Olu Trout Unlimited conducts regular meets and events for our local chapter to raise funds, share updates, award memberships, and conduct events for various social causes.

Chapter Meeting

The Feb. 2020 Trout Unlimited Chapter Meeting to be announced.

Location: If not currently a member email Deane at [email protected]

Christmas Party

It’s over – We had about 25 members attend. It was a blast with lots of raffle items. Introduction of new members, good food and the wine was not bad ether. – It’s a great way to see old members you have not seen in a year. Tell fishing lies, plan for 2020 New Zealand trip ( Feb. 18th. through March 10th. AND there is still room if anybody wants to jump on, Yea, I’m your guide to the Whanganui, Whakapapa, and Tongariro rivers where NO trout is under 21 inches — it’s the law !! Call me at 395-4607 for more information.

Become a Member

At Waikahe ‘Olu Trout Unlimited we take our work seriously, but all our events and parties are filled with fun, jokes and finish anecdotes from old-time, seasoned fishing fanatics. We are a diver group of individuals connected by one passion – our love for nature in general and the Rainbow Trout in particular.
We welcome all prospective members to join, support, and work towards conserving, protecting and restoring the environment and ecosystem for protecting the Rainbow Trout.
All our members are friendly, fun, and inviting. We now are showing off the new Waialae 8 fishing video. The $20 donation does not apply for the first attendance to a meeting, and we serve beer and pizza at all our meetings.

Fun-filled Evening

We guarantee that you will spend a fantastic evening by hearing fishing stories and getting to socialize with a great group of people. Along with that, you will actively contribute to conserving the rainbow trout population.

The Best Place for Nature Lovers

If you enjoy the outdoors, adventures and fishing, then you belong here. With us, you can pursue your love for hiking, fishing, and swimming.

Join Us

Come, explore our chapter and meet the current members. Here you can learn more about the chapter, our goals, our missions, and values. AND our work on Kauai fishing for WILD Rainbow Trout.

Waikahe Olu Trout Unlimited