Travel To Kaua’i – Update

Attention Trout Unlimited Chapter # 403 members.

The 14 day quarantine for the Island of Kauai has been lifted.

You can now travel to Kauai WITHOUT having to quarantine IF you have a Virus test -and test NEGATIVE with in 72 hours of your flight. I have provided links below for additional information. Please refer to them for important updates and requirements.

I am leaving Nov. 5th. a Thursday – I will be up at the cabin in Kokee.  I will return to Oahu Nov. 16th. a Monday.  You can come up for a day or a week.  Your only expense is the air fare and we split the food costs.

You can come with me and not have to rent a car., my truck is at the airport.

Or, you can come over on your own time, rent a car, and drive up to Kokee – If I know when your coming up the mountain I will meet you at the Kokee Lodge and guide you to the cabin.

If any Trout Unlimited members want to join me, let me know. My phone # is 395-4607.

I will be hiking on the trails that take us to our trout fishing areas.   I will be working on the Kokee and the Waikenana stream.

We use the cabin as a “base of operation”  from which we plan our daily adventures.  You can view and read about the cabin from our web sight.

It’s cool at 4000 foot elevation in Kokee.  It’s QUITE, and with 8 bedrooms and two full baths there is lots of room.

I will file a report on the blog once I return.

Waikahe Olu Trout UnlimitedDeane

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