November Kaua’i Update

Aloha Hawaii Trout Unlimited members. It’s Deane Gonzalez, your happy TU chapter treasurer.

I jumped through the hoops and got over to Kauai from Nov. 5th. through the 15th. I got up to the cabin around 3 pm after making the normal stops for supplies. The cabin is in great shape but needed a few odds and ends taken care of when it comes to repair and maintenance.

I installed a NEW hot water heater for the back bathroom. One of those modern “Hang-on-the-wall,” propane powered, hot water on demand units. After a long day of hiking and the temperature is in the lower 40 degrees, a hot shower is always welcomed.

This trip I concentrated on “moderate” hiking since it has only been 4 months since I had a total hip replacement surgery. I went hiking around noon and quit around 3-4 pm. I covered 2-3 miles every day by hiking the Berry Flat, Pu’ukao Helo, Waininua and Water Tank Trails. The trails were wet from the Kokee “mist” that fell during the night but my days were perfect with lots of sunshine every day.

I did not hike down to the Kauaikenana stream. That’s a “tad” difficult, as I did not think I was quite ready for that yet but, hopefully, the upcoming trip next month will be a different story.

The next trip to Kauai and the cabin is December 15th. through the 22nd.

You have to get the State approved virus test and be negative 72 hours prior to your flight to Kauai.  Please note that this may change at any time.  I have provided links below for additional information. Please refer to them for important updates and requirements. You never know as nuts as this situation is right now.

I can tell you, there are a few tourists on Kauai – BUT, I only ran into ONE lost group of hikers! Normally there are more — a LOT more.

This particular “lost” group, all with their cell phones (there is no cell phone reception in Kokee) and their handy dandy “tourist maps”. No TOPO maps, no comps, normally bad trail shoes and never enough water !! That said, it is always good to give some friendly “hiking” instructions, an extra bottle of water, and get them back on a path to find their rental car.

That’s about it for this last Kauai trip report.

You can contact me directly @ if you want more information on hiking and trout fishing on Kauai.


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  1. Arlen Meline on November 20, 2020 at 1:31 pm

    Glad you had time to do a lot of hiking on new trails. Also good to help out the tourists. This new “cabin” is a great place and I recommend any TU member who can get away from HNL for a week or so, try to join Deane on his upcoming trips.

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