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It surprising how a single “Delta” case can suddenly change the behavior of people in New Zealand. We started with signal case of Covid that prompted us to shut down for 3 days! Today we seem to have about 107 community cases and, with our small population of about 5 million, we have about 14,000 people in self isolation. This is where they stay home until they have a test and are proven negative. Now at Level 4, we wear masks all the time, even when exercising, like going out for a walk.

We have extended the lockdown until the 27th of August, where it will be reassessed. Most shops are closed with only essential shops open – supermarkets, petrol stations and pharmacies. No butcher, no green grocery, no take aways, no cinemas or gyms, no shopping malls, so many people are working remotely from home. The good news is that our economy remains strong and businesses closed get two lots of government funding – A Wage Subsidy for all workers and some payment for rents and overheads etc. This does not pay for all expenses but often will be enough to prevent the shops closing for good.

It is now compulsory to scan the COVID code everywhere we go, at ALL levels. Our previous, what may be called, callous attitude has been replaced by strict rules. BUT, as a nation we still prefer Lockdown to having COVID in the community.  Mostly people are receptive of these requirements.

So my fishing trip this week is not possible, and even now I am wondering if our fishing club will have the normal monthly meeting about 6 September (first Monday of each month). We are just living on “HOLD”, when we all get to watch your good video is now unknown!!

Just also asking about the story of the Tukituki River trip; I hope your IT guy can get around in including this soon as well.

Now the weather is fine so some outdoor work then relearning how to use my Action Camera and understand how to get Audio working.  This new hobby will keep me busy as tomorrow looks to be rain for about the next four days and as we have no unread library books left, at least I can learn something new. The problem is retaining new knowledge!!

All I can say now is Keep thinking of fishing.

Your good NZ friend;


I have attached a story of one of my recent trips away to the Tukituki River.

 “I Needed A Break!”

Here I was, confined to home with some home office work and must have been showing signs of distress of fly-fishing deprivation.  It took a mere suggestion, that coming up were three fine days at Hawkes Bay, with the rest on New Zealand suffering rain, drizzle and cold temperatures – would I be keen to go away for a few days? YES, dear, what else could I say!

Within a day accommodation was arranged, a fellow Hastings angler who I often fish with was joining me for a day. So on Wednesday after some home chores, I was away, staying at Patangata, arriving about 3:30pm.

Unpacking was still in progress when Red turned up and suggested we go down river for an evening fish. Good for me, not for Red. There must have been a small hatch, as they were rising where I was fishing.          Out of the three hook ups only one was landed as these Tukituki River fish like to splash around and like many other trout do not like a small hook in their mouth, with a s..angler pulling them towards the shore. A good 2 ½ lb rainbow hen. Thursday was exploring new waters, up river somewhere; but to no success…Did not even see a fish here, nor any sighted further downstream the Waipawa. Plan C, down to Walkers Road, to try that ripple we did not try the last time. First cast Maurice hooked up, but put it back as maybe it had shrunk being in the water too long [or for not long enough] – only about a pound.  Two more hook ups and two more lost fish.  They really like to splash around.

Thursday, Maurice by himself, so Plan A was to walk upstream from the accommodation which normally would take him back to the accommodation for lunch – often about 1 hour upstream walk. But where was the river? The fog did not lift till after 9:00 am, so Maurice concentrated just up from the lodge.    Soon a good drift was found after listening to advice (last month’s club meeting – thanks Strato), to ease out some flyline to get the fly and indicator drifting naturally downstream. Well it worked; the hard take and subsequent runs took some line of the reel and then went slack. Whoops, no flies anywhere. A retie with similar flies and casting slightly up stream and yes, again! This time he was well hooked – placing some side strain (again thanks to advice from the last club meeting) and after a few minutes he was on the bank.          

A good fish from the Tukituki coming in at 3 ¼ lbs.  So for two days fishing, eight hooked and two keepers.

Does this entice you to come visit me ?   

Here there are two large bunk rooms with a smaller room for any snorers or who wants some privacy – yes it is small!  There is a large lounge, large kitchen- about three fridges, two stoves and a microwave.  Recent improvements are some new mattresses and a newish TV.   So where to fish – the Tukituki is about 8 minutes’ walk away, other places are about 20 to 30 minute drive away and there is the Waipawa and Tukituki Rivers. Why, I have even driven to Mohaka and Lake Tutira, both useful when local rivers are dirty. These are about one hour’s drive away. There is always the Kaweka Lakes for brook trout, again about an hour’s drive away.

So why not contact Maurice soon, as he is also a member of the Hastings Club and many members have told him of some, but not all likely good fishing places 

Email:  tel Paraparaumu 04 2989663.

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