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Just wanted to update everyone as New Zealand remains COVID-free except for a few cases we find, in what we call border entry; during their stay of 14 days in Managed Isolation Quarantine in a 4 star Hotel.

A normal day for me is not wearing a mask at all, maybe only on any public transport. Often many of us do not even bother to scan our whereabouts when we enter a business or shop, as it is not being lazy, but with no COVID in the community of New Zealand people often do not see the need.  Yeah, that’s right – no health paper work, so as long as I drive to my fishing spots, no health controls whatsoever. 

Essentially our border remains closed, except for returning permanent citizens.  Even then, they need to bring together their flights with a vacancy in our special hotels.  These are now booked up to November 2021.

So you may think what about our economy? Well we miss the seasonal workers from the Pacific Islands and back packers as good workers, so some of our horticulture industries and cafes are suffering.  Otherwise our economy is now growing faster now than pre COVID levels.  Interest rates are really low like a Term Deposit will pay about 0.5% interest rate pa.  New Zealanders are travelling around the country like sheep. House prices are going sky high with gains of about 15% to 20% each year.

For myself I had my first of two, PF vaccines yesterday and feel fine.

So what do I see the future being? Most of New Zealand have the ability to be fully vaccinated by December this year, more likely about Feb or March 2022. We still have many not taking the vaccine.

Then entry will be only with a vaccine certification and a negative test within 72 hours of the flight. I’m picking this may happen to allow those from COVID free countries or States from about June next year onwards. Those from countries or States with community COVID will still be excluded, probably not allow these people in till about December 2022.

New Zealanders are mostly supported of our government decisions on this as we are not having any demonstrations of significance.

I am away fishing the TukiTuki River again towards the end of this month, as my last trip about two weeks ago I did not even see a trout over three days fishing.  Whoops, I did see one heading from the shore past me in the lake out to deep water. (I am sure I saw him poke his tongue out at me!).   These fish have sex (spawning) on their mind more than eating, so makes then difficult to catch.

Your NZ friend


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