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Happy New Year!

I was up at the Kokee cabin from January 21st – 31st and we had perfect weather.  Every night the sky was filled with stars and yes, the temperature dropped to 39 degrees, that’s chilly in my book. “Long John’s” and 2 blankets were required at night and the fireplace helped in keeping the cabin warm.

Dave Limpert and Joe Strona were with me and we dropped down to the Kauakinana stream from the Ditch Man trail. Stream water temperature was a COLD, 60 degrees and the trout was very active. Every pool held several beautiful wild Hawaiian Rainbow trout. They were fat, healthy, and had great color.  Most of the trout were 10 inches but one was 14 inches and I got some great video and photos.

Dave and Joe dropped down below the 2nd water fall to explore and fish for trout. Joe also went hunting for goats.

I stayed at the 1st water fall to get a trout population count from the deep pool located at what we call the “bottom of the 2nd ridge”. You have to descend down a razor back ridge line from the Ditch man trail to get into the Poomau valley to access the Kauaikinana stream. We use ropes to make the descent a little easier and the dry footing made it a lot easier as well.

I will be working on another video of this “Adventure” for the Tuhi Website in the next few weeks.


Deane Gonzalez

Waikahe Olu Trout UnlimitedDeane Gonzalez – Treasurer Trout Unlimited Chapter # 403

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